Cloud computing solutions

cloudCloud computing has gained enormous strides in the IT industry within the last decade. Deservedly so, because of its express solution to rectifying constraints such as power, maintenance costs, and space. The increased competitiveness necessitates the use of automated services, coalesced communications, and better-optimized processes based on a quality cloud-computing infrastructure.

The dynamics of today’s industries is fast-paced, leading to implementations and revisions that have clogged up the organization of IT infrastructures. Cloud computing offers a revolutionary break by offering flexible and cost-effective access to IT services and resources. This ultimately results in increased productivity and reduced expenses, qualities that every establishment will find appealing.

Guardfox has vast expertise in cloud computing, being an early adopter and crusader of its advantages to businesses and over the traditional alternative. We are able to develop an effective cloud-computing model that fits your business intricacies, set the model up, and optimize the model for maximum productivity.

Guardfox is able to tailor every cloud computing solution to your business needs, whether it is the novel approach of virtualization or building an infrastructure on a cloud-computing platform from the ground up. We offer dedicated cloud-computing components, well-tested turnkey based cloud solutions and services to vitalize the efficiency of any virtual infrastructure.

Cloud computing features

At Guardfox, we offer solutions to handle all your cloud-computing needs, including hardware, software, and support services. In addition to sporting premium industry-certified and updated tools, we are able to develop a cloud-computing plan to meet your unique cloud-computing necessities. Featured cloud-computing solutions offered by Guardfox include:

  • Software as a Service
  • Turn-key cloud
  • Platform as a Service
  • Virtualization Management
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Extended Cloud Security
  • Dynamic Resource Allocation and Pooling

Cloud computing benefits

Cloud solutions offered by Guardfox leave you with the following merits:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced complexity and switching expenses
  • Exert full-fledged control on your IT infrastructure and resources
  • Acquire important services and add-on solutions with reduced capital expenses

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