Keeping fingers on the pulse of your servers and network equipment

sysmonExpert service engineers in charge of pedantic monitoring of servers and network equipment are our rapid response team. Their hardwork forms the bedrock of our excellence in all equipment support service we offer. The importance of system monitoring cannot be overstated, as it is synonymous with smooth running of server and network equipment.

Our industry-leading monitoring system is deployed on a server cluster as against the obvious limits of single server deployment. This approach has the essential benefits of extensive protection and control over security incidents.

The widely respected reputation of our monitoring system owes to its “brain,” which is our fancy name for a very sophisticated proprietary algorithm stupendously designed to eliminate incidence of false-positive and true-negative reports. We are thus able to conserve time, energy input and stay absorbed on real technical issues.

The versatility of our monitoring system is exemplified in its use of various protocols including, HTTP, HTTPS, ping, SMTP, FTP, SSH, DNS; its use of features such as disk usage, swap, memory, CPU load, RAID status (if available); its expert control of processes such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL; and its ability to incorporate use and control of other services on client request.

Furthermore, to better inform you of the state and performance of your servers, the monitoring system offers a graphical representation of the following parameters;

  • Generated Traffic
  • Load Average
  • Iostat Utilization (for Linux)
  • Memory Utilization
  • Traffic packets per second
  • SarParse CPU (for Linux and FreeBSD)

Clients can review the history of error messages generated, and appropriate time interval needed can be selected.

System Monitoring Cost

System monitoring is a free add-on feature when our server or network management service is purchased. However, if you prefer to self-manage your servers, you can exploit the strong draws of our system monitoring service for a token fee.

  • Connection
    Flat fee of €20.
  • Subscription
    Starts from €37 per month.

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