Solutions for rising security demands

System security issues rival the need for increased revenue in importance to businesses. Consequently, server owners and server administrators are very particular about system security. It is our firm belief that system security is not a one-time process, and accordingly advises our clients to regard system security as an ongoing process that has to be developed and maintained.

An alternative to our recommendation is for us to perform a one-time security audit and make necessary amends to the security of your technical infrastructure. Although there will be benefits, these benefits have often proved to be temporary because of the evolving nature of security threats with each passing day.

It thus becomes necessary as a thriving business to consider lasting system security monitoring and maintenance. New security threats are usually ambiguous and more devastating than previous threats, and so require cutting-edge technology to identify and neutralize them. Additionally, professionals and specialists with vast experience and knowledge are required to help formulate and apply established processes necessary for efficient system security management service.

Skillful security specialists are hard to come by, and may cause companies to staff whichever technicians or professionals they can lay their hands on, irrespective of experience level and knowledge acquired. The obvious drawback with this is the inevitability for there to be staff deficiency which is a leading cause of system security breaches.

Guardfox system security engineers are hard-wired to handle the system security of any establishment regardless of the size. This is as a result of having acquired profound expertise in system security by way of handling security support services of many establishments dotted around the globe.

System Security Services

  • Intermittent security audits
  • Regular installation of stable updates and application of patches
  • Privilege restriction and checks of file integrity
  • Detection of accidental or maligned intrusions
  • Setup and management of antivirus software
  • Checking active services and software, and closing those that are redundant

System Security Cost

The factors that play into the final price quote for system security management include:

  • Hardware and software used for the management
  • Pricing plan – for example the hourly rate for subscription plans is higher than the hourly rate for a one-time plan

We at Guardfox are in the business of providing holistic technical solutions to businesses. This has impelled us to adopt quality standards to ensure thorough security monitoring and management.

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