Web application and E-commerce Integration (Typo3, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, OsCommerce, OpenCart, Zen Cart)

web-app-devWe are a reliable partner for rapid development of websites and web applications as well as variable degree of hosting.

We follow best practices in our website design and development processes, whether they are on a custom architecture or on content management systems (CMS).

Run-down of web application services we offer:

  • Design, development and deployment of websites and web applications for all screen sizes
  • Use of several content management services for website creation
  • Domain registration and transfer
  • Hosting of websites and web applications on optimized platforms
  • Provision of associated custom/personalized email addresses for a desired domain

Web design

Modern web design is a far cry from static HTML graphic-shy pages of yesteryears. Today, newer flexible technologies such as responsive web design, HTML5, CSS3; shape web design trends. We transform your creative imagination to reality by fine-tuning your desired design language and elements with our bogus experience, expertise, and implementation of industry-wide accepted practices.


When we design, develop, and tweak your website, we are just as concerned about the relevance of core design presets used today as we are about the future relevance. By staying future-oriented in the web development stage, we are able to make tremendous use of up-to-the-minute functions and modules. Additionally, we provide a flexible background for future improvement, and revitalization of your website to match changing web standards.

Domain service

Our domain service includes exhaustive consultation for a suitable domain name choice, domain registration, and seamless transfer of web domains.


In providing a holistic solution for website and web application deployment, we offer optimized server space for hosting your websites and web applications. We are able to support websites and web applications of any size and traffic needs. Our specialized technical team ensures that servers have optimum functionality, thereby ensuring that there is almost zero downtime.

Email address

Customized email addresses are professional adjuncts of any serious business, which enables clients to have renewed confidence in your business. We are able to offer any number of personalized email addresses on any domain you choose.