Building a comprehensive virtualization environment with Guardfox

virt“Virtualization,” “cloud,” “virtual environment” etc. are the latest buzz words in the IT industry. This is particularly due to their numerous benefits, of which a few are listed below:

  • Creation of multiple virtual servers on a single physical server
    The limitations of having a single server are lifted with the creation of several virtual servers known as Virtual Private Servers (VPS) on one physical server (node). Each virtual server is a standalone resource with its own full-fledge operating system. Each VPS is versatile enough to be have separate reboot functionality, root access, IP addresses, memory, processes, applications, files, system libraries, and configuration files; from every other VPS on the same dedicated server. Like a chromosome divide, the interface and system features of all VPS on the physical server are identical.
  • Efficient appropriation of IT resources
    By using a common hardware, better efficiency can be achieved by astute utilization of existing resources.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    There are various avenues for significant cost savings by taking full advantage of virtualization. Amongst these avenues are the eliminated cost of electricity and space rental in acquiring many physical servers as against having one physical server with several VPS. Also, there is considerable cost saving in licensing fees as the cost of licensing some commercial software is calculated in terms of number of installations in physical servers.
  • Reduces the complexity of disaster recovery
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  • Flexibility and versatility
    The technical team is able to manage the virtual environment from remote locations, as functionality is not tied to a hardware architecture. It is also relatively easier to make timely migrations.

Guardfox experience in virtualization

Our adoption of thriving virtualization technologies and tenets permits us to provide thorough support for dozens of VPS nodes. We have carried out extensive virtualization of a number of servers and regularly work with the best virtualization technologies – Xen (Linus Xen), OpenVZ and VMWare ESXi.

Our virtualization service includes consulting, installation, upgrades, system maintenance, and support as well of hardware nodes with virtualization infrastructure as well as VPS running Virtuozzo/OpenVZ, LXC, Openstack, VMware Vcloud Director.

Virtualization cost

The cost-to-benefit ratio for virtualization is very high: which is why our solutions are reasonably priced to enable you tap into the potentials of virtualization without spending a fortune.

Our hourly rate is €37 per hour, and time is billed in 15-minute increments. This is the base cost to virtualize a physical server. For extended virtualization services such as installation of several operating systems on virtual machines, data migration from an old server to a new VPS, and VPS management, you can find affordable pricing information by requesting a quote.

More about virtualization

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