Mitigating the risk of migration failure when moving data


At some point in the growth curve of an establishment, it becomes essential to move data between data infrastructures. Unfortunately, for a number of IT professionals and server managers, the phrases “data migration” and “server migration” are not associated with fond memories.

Currently and for a long time to come, data migration presents a challenge owing to the complexities of the process, as it may unwittingly lead to complications with varying level of severity. We undertake data migration on a strict preset to ensure smooth and efficient completion of data transfer.

The influence of changing IP addresses on downtime

Though it is a technical consequence for there to be downtime during periods of IP address change, we have a tailor-made solution to reduce the downtime during these periods. Known as RS-NDM, our unique solution ensures migration is seamless and does not create anxiety for server owners or unsavory end-user experience for site visitors.

SLA – quality guaranteed!

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is our poster-child to imbue the confidence of clients in our technical support service. SLA covers each standard support bundle. For data/server migration which does not have a standard package, because of the need to stipulate a significant number of specifics by each client, a personalized SLA protected plan will be designed for your business.

Data and Server Migration Cost

Data/Server migration cost is overly dependent on the amount of data to be transferred; and the degree of technical difficulty in starting, maintaining, and completing the transfer. Our pricing for data/server migration is an hourly plan at €37 per hour.

In computing your total bill, we first estimate the duration of the transfer in hours. After which we multiply the number of hours to be spent by €37. As with all our hourly plans, time is billed in 15 minute increments.

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