eimsGuardfox Enterprise Infrastructure Management Solution

Our platform is geared towards efficient deployment of applications and servers to virtual and physical locations of virtually any infrastructure size. The keywords of our product are time-sensitivity and cost-effectiveness. We place in high regard the unique ability of our solution to rapidly address dynamic business necessities and maximize efficiency. By noting the growing importance of time-sensitive solutions, we have incorporated an innovative system, EIMS, which enables system administrators to enact alterations quickly. These alterations which erstwhile were performed in multi-weekly windows, now require only a few minutes for complete implementation.

configuration-managementEfficient Configuration Management

By edging closer to reduced human dependency, decreased workload, and nipping avoidable human errors; EIMS now incorporates automated routine configuration management processes. The obvious advantage is increased efficiency from essential time savings, reduced labor cost and financial prudeness.

free-flowingFree-flowing Delivery

Reducing time spent in preparing new product releases from several months to a few days, allows for valuable time to be set aside for product enhancements, bug fixes, comprehensive beta testing. IMP holistically reproduces your infrastructure as well-organized code, thus fast tracking the release process of a new product. This novel approach allows for concomitant adjustment of products and services to reflect market changes, user feedbacks, and business strategy reforms.

network2Unlimited upscale opportunities

EIMS is a future-proof product that offers tremendous scalable possibilities to companies. It is perfect for dynamic setups, giving companies the room to cultivate robust growth schemes and considerably speed up the delivery rate of products and services; without altering existing organizational workflow.

driftEliminating Configuration Drift

Management becomes a nightmare when configuration drift occurs in an infrastructure. EIMS takes dedicated steps to eliminating configuration drift by first pinpointing implicated elements that are no longer in tandem to the predefined infrastructure state. These elements are then reported to the appropriate system administrator. Remedial changes done by the administrator in charge are then fed back to effectuate the predefined state, thus leading to vital risk reduction to the entire system.

uptimeMaximum Uptime

The deleterious effects of accidental downtime are widely known. The most common are lost business prospects, and unsatisfying end-user experience. Automated configuration management processes are tailored to massively reduce potential downtime. Additionally, companies gain indirect benefits of continuous stellar server and application performance, and uncovering viable revenue opportunities.

The principal objective of EIMS is to reduce the complexity in configuration and efficient management of tens, hundreds, or thousands of contiguous servers within composite infrastructures. Companies with a modest infrastructure size can also benefit from IMP, because of the apparent pluses of automation in making configuration and management of any infrastructure size easier to do.

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